Yates County

The state government audited all of the county web sites and graded them. Yates scored an F! Their website hadn’t been updated for 15 years.

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Country Sweet

Country Sweet is a very well known brand. The sauce made by the restaurant's former owner has become one of the nations most popular condiments. After being sold to new owners, the first order of business was to put up a website. This business had never had a website before.

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Cardinal Landscape


We redesigned the website about 3 years ago. Concerned that they weren’t capturing the mobile market they asked for an upgrade to the technology for mobile friendliness and also so they could add and edit the content on their own.

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High Falls Tree Services


High Falls had a website that was very old and they could no longer update it. They needed a solution that would empower them to make their own edits and reduce their dependency on a web developer.


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CP Rochester


CP Rochester’s marketing executive came to me asking for advice on improving the site, making it clear that a new design wasn’t going to possible within their new budget. We looked at what was working and what wasn’t, the improvements to the existing site were going to cost about $2000. I also pointed out that the site was receiving more than 50% of it’s users from mobile devices. With an offer to double their dollars over $4000, they decided a new mobile friendly site was in order.


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Rothrock Financial

Rothrock financial was expanding into new markets with new services to offer. He never had a website before, but felt it was needed to improve marketing efforts for the new comany division.

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One Step Tree and Lawncare

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Remed Equipment

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Niagara Filtration

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Ide Honda

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Custom Truck Creations

In 1999, Custom Truck Creations, Inc. started as the side business of a growing towing and service business in Victor, N.Y. After years of operating both businesses, Custom Truck Creations, Inc. as it is now known was formed. 

Custom Truck had never developed a website to complement their marketing efforts. So, in order to not only find more customers, they felt a need to have a website to led credibility to their business as well.

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Pittsford Pediatrics

Pittsford Pediatrics has been a long time customer of Biznetix. When they approached us for a redesign of their site we were delighted to have the opportunity. The site they had no longer met the needs of the business and was lacking some important features that their competition's websites have.

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